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"I made the SuperKut Insulation Knife for one reason. I was tired of seeing my crews struggle with knives that just don't work in our trade. Give the SuperKut a try.  Once you do, I know you will never go back to the way you used to cut insulation!"

Vince Schultz - Inventor,
23 year Insulation Contractor


SuperKut Insulation Knire with four blades and end-cap screwdriver
30 Day Guarantee!
Plus FREE Bonus Gifts!
You Receive With Each SuperKut:

Four FREE blades!

One in the blade holder and three stored securely in the handle.
FREE Screwdriver!
Molded into the handle
end-cap to easily change blades!


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SuperKut Insulation Knife Testimonials
Starting cut with the SuperKut Insulation Knife
Cutting Insulation With The SuperKut Insulation Knife
Double Batt Cutting With The SuperKut Insulation Knife


Revolutionary New
Insulation Knife Cuts Faster
And Makes Your Job Easier...
Or Your Money Back!

The SuperKut Insulation Knife™ by VinTool™
Cuts Faster
Reduces Hand Fatigue
Reduces Material Waste
Increases Productivity
Makes Your Insulation Job Easier

Here’s Your Chance To Grab A Tool That Actually Works!

Tired of using an awkward utility knife made for cutting boxes to install insulation? Wouldn’t it make more sense to use a knife that was specifically designed by a 23 year insulation installer veteran to make installing insulation faster and easier?

Finally an insulation installer tested and approved insulation knife that will not only slice through multiple layers of batt insulation with ONE pass saving you a tremendous amount of time, but also is perfectly designed to help reduce hand fatigue making you more productive.

Because of its unique design, the contractor grade SuperKut insulation cutting tool will enable anyone, if you're a professional or if you are the Do-It-Yourself warrior, to finish each job up to 47% faster with a lot less hand fatigue.

When time is money and getting the job done faster the SuperKut Insulation Knife is the perfect tool for you and your crew!

Introducing the SuperKut by Vintool...
The Ultimate Insulation and Project Cutting Tool!

They say if you live long enough you will see a tool come along that will completely revolutionize an Industry.

Not too long ago the nail gun emerged and completely changed how the roofing industry did business. The professional roofers were now able to get done in ½ the time and make more money.

This time has come for those who install insulation.

Today the SuperKut™ Insulation cutting tool by VinTool™ is changing the way professional insulation installers complete their jobs. Like the nail gun, the SuperKut Insulation Knife has changed how insulation is installed forever.

If you presently work with insulation or plan on it in the next few months even if it’s for only one room, it is worth your small investment to try your very own SuperKut Insulation Knife.

The SuperKut™ Insulation Knife
Was Developed By You!

Well, actually the SuperKut Insulation Knife was invented by Vince Schultz but the features and function of the SuperKut insulation knife came from your pain and frustrations. Vince took his 23 year experience as an Insulation Contractor and developed what is the most effective and productive insulation knife on the market today.

Combining all of his experience of installing insulation, listening to fellow installers, seeing lost time due to hand fatigue injuries and absolute frustration of not have a proper tool to cut and install insulation, he took matters into his own hands. He went to his garage and invented the only insulation knife that:

Incorporates an ergonomic design that allows all day use with less fatigue on your wrist, hands and joints.
Cuts insulation faster saving you enormous time.
Leaves a super clean cut with just one cutting stroke.
Decreases material waste.

Ergonomic Design

According to OSHA, more than 647,000 U.S. workers suffer work-related musculoskeletal disorders each year due to constant repetition, overexertion, awkward postures or equipment not suited to their various sizes or strengths. These injuries and illnesses account for 34 percent of all lost-workday ailments and cost employers $15-20 billion annually in direct workers compensation costs.

Using regular utility knives or any other knife not designed for cutting insulation will contribute to hand and wrist fatigue carpal tunnel syndrome and possibly worse.

Don't spend another day putting yourself in harm's way. The SuperKut Insulation Knife is designed to cut insulation without the hand and wrist pain you currently receive from ordinary knives.

Cuts Faster

Did you view the video above?  If not, take a look now. You'll be amazed how fast you can cut and install insulation and other materials.

Shawn, a current user of the SuperKut Insulation Knife says:

"In this business, the faster you work, the more money you make. The SuperKut cuts installation time in half."

Leaves A Super Clean Cut

A jagged and torn cut means you worked too hard cutting the insulation. The knife you used dragged along the insulation, fighting you all the way. Your tools are supposed to do most of the work...not you!

Using the SuperKut Insulation Knife produces a super clean cut. You'll cut easier and faster. Finally you have a knife that works for you.

Decreases Material Waste

The SuperKut Insulation Knife uses a 4 inch, razor sharp blade that remains sharp throughout your working day. The 4 inch blade allows you to cut through a double batt with ease. A sharp blade gives you control over every cut you make. More control equals less material waste...period.

When time is money the SuperKut Insulation Knife by VinTool is the perfect tool for you, your crew and anyone else who wants to install Insulation.


SuperKut Insulation Knife

Risk Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We make it easy for you to see first hand how the SuperKut Insulation Knife will work for you.

Order today and pay only $27.95 plus $6.25 for the cost of shipping and handling. Use the knife for a full 30 days and prove to yourself the SuperKut Insulation Knife is all that we say it is. If you don't like how the SuperKut performs for any reason, simply return the knife for a full refund. It's as easy as that! shipping and handling excluded

You have a full 30 days to return your SuperKut Insulation Knife. You now have absolutely NO RISK in discovering how the SuperKut Insulation Knife will revolutionize how you install insulation!

I'm Ready To Try The SuperKut Insulation Knife
To Make My Installation Job Faster and Easier...Or I Get My Money Back!

SuperKut Insulation Knife
($27.95 each)
SuperKut Insulation Knife Blades
(Available in 10 or 100 pack)
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