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Super sharp blades made of quality, durable material perfect for your SuperKut Insulation Knife!

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Refund Policy: At VinTool, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your SuperKut Insulation Knife, return it within 30 days for a full refund. We believe in our products and want you to have the best experience possible!

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The SuperKut cuts installation time in half.

“In this business, the faster you work, the more money you make. The SuperKut cuts installation time in half. Because of its shape, it’s handy to tuck in the batts above your head. The SuperKut also works great to cut the tips off of glue cartridges.”

Shawn / Installer

You can just keep going on the job without hand fatigue.

“I have been using the knife for three years and as long as I’m cutting insulation I will always use the SuperKut. The SuperKut is much easier to cut batting, it cuts much quicker than utility knife; because the blade is a lot longer. You don’t have to fuss with the SuperKut as much as other cutters.”

Corey / Installer

With the SuperKut, finger fatigue is eliminated.

“When I used to use a regular utility knife, I would push down on the blade with my index finger. This caused great fatigue and hand problems. With the SuperKut, finger fatigue is eliminated, and I can get done with a job in half the time.”

Maurice / Installer

I like it because it has a long blade that goes through the batts like butter.

“When cutting on wood, one side of the blade will last all day. For cutting insulation, I certainly would not use anything else. Other cutters, like utility knives, their tips are too small and it takes twice as long to cut vs. the SuperKut.”

Matt / Installer

The SuperKut makes it very easy to change the blade.

“The SuperKut makes it very easy to change the blade, placing a screwdriver in handle was a great idea, I don’t have to waste time looking for a screwdriver anymore.”

Greg / Installer

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Vintool, Inc. and what is their experience in the insulation industry?

Vintool, Inc. is a company dedicated to providing high-quality cutting tools for the insulation industry. The company was founded by a 23-year veteran (Vince) in the insulation installation business, with extensive experience and knowledge in the field.

What makes the SuperKut Insulation Knife different from other insulation cutting tools on the market?

The SuperKut Insulation Knife has been designed specifically for cutting through multiple layers of batt insulation with just one pass, saving contractors a significant amount of time. The knife is also designed to reduce hand fatigue, making it easier to use and more productive.

What materials is the SuperKut Insulation Knife designed to cut?

The SuperKut Insulation Knife is specially designed for cutting through batt insulation, but it is also effective on other materials such as foam and fiberglass insulation.

Is the SuperKut Insulation Knife easy to use for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts?

Yes, the SuperKut Insulation Knife is designed to be easy and efficient
to use for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Its unique design
allows anyone to finish their insulation installation job up to 47%
faster, with less hand fatigue.

Does the SuperKut Insulation Knife feature a safety mechanism to prevent accidental injury?

Yes, the SuperKut Insulation Knife is designed with safety in mind and
features a locking mechanism to prevent accidental injury.

Can the SuperKut Insulation Knife be adjusted to a specific cutting depth?

Yes, the SuperKut Insulation Knife features an adjustable depth control, allowing it to be customized to the thickness of the insulation being cut.

What is the size and weight of the SuperKut Insulation Knife?

The SuperKut Insulation Knife is designed to be lightweight and compact, weighing just 0.65 pounds with a length of 13 inches.

Is the SuperKut Insulation Knife durable and long-lasting?

Yes, the SuperKut Insulation Knife is constructed with high-quality materials and is designed to withstand heavy use. It comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring its longevity and durability.

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